Review: Wovenhand - The Threshingfloor (2010)

 Genre: folk, alt-country
 Label: Glitterhouse
 Country: United States

Really impressive stuff! Folk/country, but much darker and broader in musical scope than you would expect. I've seen the moniker gothic americana being applied, and that seems appropriate. The songs shift between punishing dark tribal stompers and more mellow drawn out songs. Also, they are masterfully crafted, produced very well and (at least for me) refreshingly original.

It's very hypnotic and evocative, and fiercely commands attention. This is not that surprising; Wovenhand's creative mastermind is deeply religious, and his grandfathers were a Church of the Nazarene preacher and Native American wanderer respectively. Both influences shine trough musically and lyrically. The pain of holding yourself up to the perfect light of God and being found wanting is sometimes present in his music, as is a kind of desert feel and an almost Zen-like serenity.

All in all a work that really deserves your time and, dare I say it, worship.

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