Review: Septicflesh - The Great Mass

 Genre: symphonic death metal
 Label: Seasons of Mist
 Country: Greece

Greek band Septicflesh (previously styled as Septic Flesh) have employed a bombastic and theatrical approach to their death metal before. But on this album they really go all out; and with the continuing help of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra they have crafted a masterpiece. The making of with the orchestra can be seen below.

Whereas their previous release, Communion, was also very bombastic it leaned much more on catchy theatrics than The Great Mass does. This record lets go of most of the (easy) catchiness of before, it just fucking crushes. The orchestra is brutal, they play loud, they play aggressive and do not shy away from dissonance and other discomfort; they really show how symphonic METAL should sound like. And the band does great work as well, vocals are brutal (and the much more sparingly used clean vocals are fine as well), riffs are great (and the guitarists are never showing off like in most symphonic metal) and drums are hyperaggressive. Production is phenomenal as well.

So, to sum it up: this really is symphonic death metal that actually deserves both descriptors in its genre name, and the orchestra and choirs work in perfect tandem with the band to deliver a brutal aggressive bombastic beast of a record.