Review: Terzij de Horde – A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light (2010)

 Genre: black metal, post-black metal, post-hardcore, doom
 Label: Self-released
 Country: the Netherlands
 Listen: MySpace

Already got this EP (28 minutes) before the gig of september 2010, but after they completely blew me away (literally, at one point) I had to write this review. It really was very impressive, just the right stage presence for music like this.

A discomforting fusion of (post-)black metal, post-rock, doom and (post)-hardcore is what these men from the Netherlands bring. Quite original and above all just very good, this will become a great name in tha sc3ne. Furious blasting, drones, dissonance and sometimes an almost hopeful reprieve which is shattered completely seconds later, all wrapped in a well thought out production (not too clean, not too raw).

The band draws heavily on the works of various poets, philosophers and other writers for its lyrics and concepts. Their band’s name is derived from a poem of Hendrik Marsman:

Terzij de horde

nooit gleed een bloemsignaal
tegen de steilte van mijn schemernacht,
waar ik, gewelfd over den rand der ruimte,
den geur der eeuwen puur uit de bokaal der lucht

en zelfde drijf, een late, smalle bloem,
op den verloomden maatslag van den tijd.
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