Review: Gojira – Terra Icognita (2001)

 Genre: death metal, progressive death metal, technical death metal
 Label: Gabriel Editions
 Country: France
 Listen: MySpace

The damn French manage to bring forth some of the greatest bands ever, and among them I count the mighty Gojira. Terra Incognita is their first album and probably their rawest; I will post other albums in the future – to show the amazing progress this band makes. This record features brutal death metal riffing, atmospheric meandering, strange structures and rhythm all perfectly carried out by very competent musicians. This is, at least for me, the future of death metal and maybe metal as a whole. It does not encompass real harsh extremity bands like Ulcerate have, but they do manage to bring forth some sort of overpoweringly perfect entity. It’s like being torn to pieces by a terrible unyielding Pallas Athena.

While I have categorized this as technical death metal, it is not technical in the bliblibli-sense but more like Meshuggah is technical; technical prowess, (sometimes) complex rhythms but never forgetting to write bloody good songs. Oh, and they are very much god-damn-hippies!

Live they truly are a powerhouse, massively tight and so intense! Observe! (This song is actually from the album after Terra Incognita, The Link.)

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