Review: Dimensional Psychosis – Architecture of Realities (2009)

 Genre: industrial black metal
 Label: Daemon Worship
 Country: the Netherlands
 Listen: MySpace

Dimensional Psychosis hails from varying parts of the Netherlands and make high quality industrial black metal. They unfortunately split up before this album was even released, which is a big shame because that hampered the recognition this record so clearly deserves. For instance, they only managed to find a distribution label after a long time and because of their demise it isn’t a big one (though it is trustworthy, ordered the record there myself).

Their music is somewhat reminiscent of Abigor’s Fractal Possession, though less polished. In general expect swirling black metal with a large dose of industrial soundscapes and effects as well as use of more conventional synthesizer sounds. The music does clearly have a certain groove from time to time, which a lot of similar acts sorely lack. In that way it references the work of the great Emperor (vocals are also slightly Ihsahn-ish). Though chaos seems to prevail, it is well thought out and there are enough points of reference to cling to when listening. All in all the music is quite good (so it’s too bad their future was cut short), and with song titles like Astral Abortion you just can’t go wrong! Ah, also note the unnamed 8th track, 90′s gabber industrial breakcore black metal which works better than you might expect.

Band members were/are also active in bands like Sauron, Galgeras, Fluisterwoud, Caedere and Botulistum. Spectre, of Control Human Delete fame, made the cover and album art work in general.

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