Review: The Dillinger Escape Plan – Option Paralysis (2010)

 Genre: mathcore, experimental, avant-garde metal
 Label: Party Smasher Inc.
 Country: United States
 Listen: MySpace

The Dillinger Escape Plan, (one of) the first mathcore band(s), returns to the front with their fourth and most refined record to date. The chaos and violence of their deeplying hardcore roots is as always nicely coupled with technical complexity, but for this record, more than ever, the sound is very coherent and the Mike Patton / Nine Inch Nails influences are fully integrated. So, while in actuality tDEP doesn’t really do anything they haven’t done before, the way they do it and how it sounds is unique. This record doesn’t scare you away with its complexity, but draws you in with seemingly easy music which slowly shows how deep and complex (and from time to time extremely raw and aggressive) it actually is. For the other records this was more or less the reverse process. But of course, this is still tDEP, so radio-friendliness is limited. The genre descriptor ‘mathcore’ is getting way too limited for this band. Maybe we should start calling them post-mathcore or something *cough* *cough* Anyway, this is a really great album, it headed the list of my top albums of 2010 and with VERY good reason.

Ah, for the record*, former David Bowie piano player (one record, Alladin Sane) and Nine Inch Nails accomplice (the Fragile) Mike Garson lent his avant garde piano playing and writing skills to tDEP for two of the songs. One of these songs, Widower, can be heard below coupled with an amazing fan-made video. Beautiful video accompanying a -very- beautiful song. Video was made by a fan, endorsed by the band's singer Greg Puciato on Twitter: 'Not an official DEP video, but I'm backin' it. This is fucking better than anything we could do anyway, really cool.'.

This is where chaos, technicality, emotion and songwriting come together to form the perfect record. This is… Option Paralysis!**

*this record, even
**did you guys see how cheesy that set-up was? Isn’t it great?!?

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