Review: Crime in Stereo – I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone (2010)

 Genre: hardcore, indie, punk
 Label: Bridge Nine Records
 Country: United States
 Listen: MySpace

These dudes make an fresh and interesting mix of indie rock / hardcore (punk) / post something. It has the loose atmosphere and the kathartic effect of punk, (sometimes) the aggression of hardcore, the tranquillity and melody of indie and the eclectic and drawn out nature of post whatever. Grosso modo the balance tips towards indie and post but other albums should lean more towards punk/hardcore.

Last.fm says it’s similar to Polar Bear Club, Title Fight, Shook Ones and Agent. I know none of them! I do hear Nirvana and Nada Surf sometimes, the former due to the kathartic vocals and the latter due to their style of indie on their later records (though CiS all in all isn’t similar to either). Crime in Stereo has broken up in the year of the release of this great album and celebrated that with a cool video; well, why not? Not one of their best songs off of that album, but still displays their interesting mix of punk/post-hardcore/indie/pop/whatever.

A really solid and well worked out record, impressive stuff, so check it!

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