Review: Aborym – Psychogrotesque (2010)

 Genre: industrial black metal, avant-garde black metal, electronic
 Label: Seasons of Mist Records
 Country: Italy
 Listen: MySpace

The new Aborym! Have given it a few spins now and it is awesome. Aborym does what Abigor should have done on their newest (that was a dissappointment for me); make an unholy fusion of black metal, industrial and even more straight-up electronic music (dark ambient). Not as chaotic as Abigor, Aborym still retains a sense of control and tigthness in the sheer madness and tension their music evokes.

As compared to their previous outings, the non-black metal elemens have become more prominent/important; samples, keys, even a lone saxofone (well, twice or so) and a dance beat. The band’s mastermind now does the vocals himself, and he sounds fucking evil and/or demented; as do the instruments, actually. The title of this record, and the cover, are very appropiate to say the least. Enjoy!

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