Review: Woe – Quietly, Undramatically (2010)

 Genre: black metal
 Label: Candlelight Records
 Country: United States
 Listen: MySpace

With the album title Woe are just dead wrong, their is nothing quiet or undramatic about this album. It rages, it tears, it screams, it destroys all hope and leaves you as a withered husk; this is melancholic black metal as it should be, fucking aggressive! It seems as though Woe has chosen to reinvigorate the old punk spirit (black) metal used to have, not in the sense that it sounds shoddy (it very much doesn’t) or that this is black n’ roll (it is very much metal) but in the sense that it celebrates its emotions in reckless abandon and sometimes uses punk-like beats giving it a really aggressive edge in certain blast beats. The latter element is kinda reminiscent of old school death metal as well, the off-beat snare hits give it a distinct oem-ta feel.

So all in all, raging black metal interspersed with nice melodic guitar lines, aggressive vocals sometimes varied with clean vocals and sheer aggression that stems from the melancholy and despair underlying this great release! Probably the (kinda post-) black metal release of the year for me. Highly recommended.

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