Review: Ulcerate – Everything is Fire (2009)

 Genre: unorthodox death metal, technical death metal, brutal death metal
 Label: Willowtip
 Country: New Zealand
 Listen: MySpace

Music from New Zealand; Ulcerate with their 2009 release Everything is Fire. A fitting though virtually meaningless descriptor is atmospheric unorthodox death metal, though elements of technical and brutal death metal are present as well. The music moves from atmospheric minimalistic melodies, through creepy dissonant tension towards a violent vortex of death metal. To me this band does what Deathspell Omega does for black metal; it takes traditional overused elements and molds it with technical prowess and excelent songwriting to produce a highly original variant of their parent genre. Because of the extensive use of dissonance and slowly trudging along creepyness mixed with violent explosions it even sounds like Deathspell Omega from time to time.

Fun fact; the one guitar player featured on this album -Michael Hoggard- is also a ballroom dancer and has participated in New Zealand’s Dancing With the Stars in 2005 (you know, when DWtS was still underground)! And get this, his celebrity partner was a transsexual Labour politician, who was a stripper and prostitute in Australia before the sex change. How death metal is that?

Highly recommended.

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  1. Nice, sounds like something I really need to check out!

  2. Yes, you should! Hard to get into, this stuff, but the pay-off is definitely there! In a few days a review of their newest effort will pop up here us as well. Still working through my back catalog of reviews, the EiF review was from more than a year ago ;)