Review: Todtgelichter – Angst (2010)

Genre: black metal, post-rock, jazz, post-black metal
Label: Code666
Country: Germany
Listen: MySpace

My number 5 of my album top 20 of 2010; I only got to know it halfway through December, but it was immediately clear this deserved a spot. A truly unique work; it offers a seemless blend of black metal, post-rock/shoegaze, jazz and whatever more you hear in it. The music and vocals (screams, clean male and female) are very emotional, ranging from utter despair to an almost romantic melancholy. So, in a sense it is depressive/melancholic black metal, but then FUCKING GOOD and unbelievably well structured and integrated for such diverse influences.

A song like “Cafe Of Lost Dreams” blows my mind every time I hear it, especially because of the quiet parts near the end with the female vocals. This really draws up an image of sitting in the cafe of lost dreams with a jazz singer sitting alone behind the piano, soothing all the worn out guests with her melancholic words… More songs feature this kind of magnificently worked out parts. Phobos & Deimos gives a good overview of their style, nice post-rock like build-ups and massive raw and aggresive metal riffing interspersed along the song. Neon builds up from melodic and drawn out pieces, through accelerating riffs with heart wrenching screams to a nicely drawn out solos. Well, I can go through all the songs like this, but this should give you a good overview of the various elements you can encounter.

Massively recommended.

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