Review: Sólstafir – Köld (2009)

 Genre: post-black metal
 Label: Spikefarm Records
 Country: Iceland
 Listen: MySpace

One of my absolute favourites of 2009 and slowly working itself to the ‘absolute masterpiece’-section of my brain, this work has a genredefying quality that cannot be denied. Sorrow and desolation flow from this record with every spin. Far from their black metal roots, Sólstafir now delivers a very intense very metal form of post rock (I could call this post metal, but that brings up bands like Mastodon and this is quite different). The epicness, tensions, build-up and walls of sound come from post-rock, the bite and reckless abandon come from (black) metal, the psychedelica from 70′s rock and the melancholy, sorrow and emotion from a deep dark place… Fans of everything from Motorpsycho to Enslaved should be able to relate to this easily. For the rest, it still is a great listen!

The video of Love is the Devil can be seen below.

Not very representative of the album, but very representative of the quality Sólstafir delivers!

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