Review: The Ruins of Beverast – Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite (2009)

Genre: black metal, doom metal
Label: Ván Records
Country: Germany
Listen: MySpace

Fascinating work with an intensely ugly album cover (see exhibit A below). The Ruins of Beverast presents a strange mixture of black metal and doom metal. Though the albums opens epically and has certain immediately likeable elements, I didn’t really like it after the first listen or two. Good atmosphere, appropiately lo-fi production (the sound is great for this kind of music), but the dooooooom influence made it seem a bit too slow and repetitive at first. A few listening attempts further the subtleness and tension in the music fully unfolded itself and I could no longer imagine how I could have thought that it was too slow or repetitive! This is just plain great!

In short; doomened black / blackened doom with clean vocals, choirs, grunts, screams, growels, blasting, funeral, massive fuzzy sound and a really awful album cover. Can’t get any better!

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