Review: Electric Six - Fire (2003)

 Genre: rock, disco, funk, indie
 Label: XL Recordings
 Country: United States
 Listen: MySpace

And now for something truly great: Electric Six! Though this appears to be a joke band a la Günther, reality is different. True, the videos, lyrics and general image of the band and its music are rather ridiculous/hilarious. But where most joke bands don’t offer more than that and must be really funny to make a second listen worthwhile Electric Six actually offers a product that is musically very well thought out, has bizarre well-crafted lyrics (<– the lyricist must be a genius, actually) and sounds just great. I especially have great respect for the singer who has suitable technical prowess but more importantly great delivery and a slightly strange and immensely intriguing accent. All in all I absolutely adore this record, it’s just damn funny, clever, extremely relistenable and infectious!

One of their most awesome videos, Dance Commander, can be seen below.

Be honest, don't you want to be the dance commander?

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